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"I am a deity."

by Darwin Bedford 2015-10-26   Email:

What does an "atheist deity" do for a living?

An atheist messiah is one who frees atheists from the closet and frees believers from religious mind fraud. An atheist deity is a spiritual leader of the atheist community and is recognized as such.





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Atheist institutions could be deemed religious

Atheism by definition is merely a classification; “absence of belief in supernatural deities”, however atheist organizations could be defined as religious organizations. Atheists are free to congregate, organize, define doctrine, and claim to have spiritual leaders. By definition, atheism is not a religion, but, nothing is stopping atheist organizations or institutions from being religious in nature. Atheists believe that there are no supernatural deities, and thus many people already hold that atheism is a religion with a doctrine of spreading that message (the message that there are no supernatural deities) to others. With that in mind I am offering myself as a deity of that religion. Due to the tremendous tax savings involved I think the atheist community should play along with this notion and have deities or godheads as well. Then the same accommodations within the law would have to be made for atheist organizations claiming to have deities or godheads as are made for religious organizations.

Atheist Doctrine

An atheist group claiming to be a religious organization could have a doctrine such as the following.

1) There are no supernatural deities, so live your life accordingly.

2) Thou shalt question and doubt all supernatural claims, especially those involving supernatural deities.

3) Thou shalt utilize reason, logic, and knowledge gained through scrutinized evidence to guide one’s life—all the while absent of faith in any supernatural deities.

4) And, of course, along with every other religious doctrine: one should do unto others as you would them do unto you. After all, if you were told untruths as a child you would prefer to be enlightened with the truth. So therefore, go forth and confront those that believe in supernatural deities so that they may live their life in knowing the truth.

Maintaining a doctrine is an essential element of a religious body and is necessary for atheist groups claiming “religious organization” status.

I hereby proclaim that I am a deity for atheists

Having being an active anti-theist all my life and the Atheist Messiah since 1999, I hereby proclaim that I am a deity and offer myself for recognition as such for atheist groups. With this as a tool, atheist groups may apply for their headquarters and branches to become tax-exempt, not-for-profit, charities in their country.

Usually such organizations do not have to pay income tax, property taxes, and taxes on the production of educational materials. So instead of the atheist community complaining about the unfairness of religious organizations receiving such benefits, the atheist community should embrace the idea of claiming that they are religious too. I know many elements of the atheist movement will be disappointed with my approach, after all it will take longer for religion to phase out than it would if governments were to discourage religion like China does. It’s a case of the proverb, “If you can’t lick them, join them.” And maybe, after wasting public funds fighting legal battles with atheist groups, governments will realize the error in their ways.

You have my permission to worship me. You have my permission to pray to me, however, having no supernatural powers, I will be unaware of your doing so. You also have my permission to pray for me. I need you to pray that science and physicians will soon enable the repair of my knees.

You can sponsor me to visit your city to bless it. :) You may address me as “your worship” or anything else fittingly. I am use to being called all kinds of things—if you know what I mean.

I need not be the only atheist deity. I hoping others will come forward willingly or otherwise. I could name some obvious candidates, but I won’t.

Pastafarianism is now an official religion in Poland

I found this on the internet, "Thanks to a ruling by Judge Wlodzimierz Kowalczyk, Poland will now have to recognize Pastafarianism as an official faith!" at this location.

Perhaps one day Assfarianism may be recognized as a religion.

It's a struggle to become recognized as a religious organization

Each country has their own definition of a religious organization. I will add to this post some developments over recent years and provide some helpful suggestions.

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